Tutoring Services

We are here to help all Kennewick High  students with their homework or with extra help on assignments.  "ASAP" runs from 1:15pm-3pm each day.  Freshman will meet in Fruitland Room 9, Sophomores will meet in Portable 4, Juniors will meet in Fruitland Room 14, and Seniors will meet in the Career Center Portable 6.  All grade levels of migrant students will meet in the Dayton Building, Room L6.  Students are also welcome on campus on Wednesdays from 10am-noon or 1pm-3pm.  To speak to the appropriate grade level Success Coordinator or Migrant Graduation Specialist, see the list below.

Robyn Davis

Success Coordinator - Seniors


Cindy Chavez

Success Coordinator - Juniors


Ann Giesa

Success Coordinator - Sophomores


Debbie Bayless

Success Coordinator - Freshman


Esmeralda Lopez

Migrant Graduation Specialist - Sophomores & Juniors


Estrella Aguilar

Migrant Graduation Specialist - Freshman & Seniors