Worksite Learning

Receive High School Credit

Work Site Learning (WSL) is a wonderful learning experience for juniors and seniors that connects knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom to those needed in the work environment. If you are interested in an internship or already have a job and meet the requirements of the Work Site Learning program, you can receive one-half credit for every 180 hours or 1 credit for every 360 hours you work.

If you already have a job and meet the requirements for the Work Site Learning program, contact Mrs. Smith to make arrangements to meet with your employer. Then you, your parent, and your employer will need to complete the required forms. Students may download the required forms here. Once the paperwork is completed and returned to Mrs. Smith, the student will begin documenting his/her work hours. Students will have to document their hours once a month through Google Classroom.

It is important that students remain current in updating their hours in order to receive the maximum amount of credit. Student performance will be evaluated every 180 hours.

  • Students earn credit while working if they have taken or are currently taking a qualifying CTE class.
  • Students will learn organizational skills, time management as well as job specific skills.
  • Students will complete a learning plan and have employer evaluations.
  • Students begin earning credit when all paperwork and requirements are completed.


Kami Smith

Kennewick School District, WBL Coordinator