GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Program) is excited to be transitioning into KeHS! GEAR UP helps students prepare and succeed in high school, higher education, and their future. GEAR UP serves students from the Class of 2022 as Juniors and Class of 2023 as Sophomores and follows them until their first year of post-secondary.

Our vision is that all students are academically, socially and financially prepared to enter and complete the post-secondary program or institute of their choice.

Program services we may provide:

  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring
  • Campus visits/educational field trips
  • Summer programs
  • Academic support services
  • Student leadership activities
  • Career exploration
  • College and financial planning assistance
  • Professional development

This academic year we have two new Student Achievement Specialist, Rachel Roegiers and Celia Vargas, they are both providing in class tutoring support in Math classes such as Algebra Block and Geometry. They are also providing tutoring during lunch and after school, in collaboration with the Success Hub, portable 6 (freshman) and portable 4 (sophomores). Our Specialist's also serve groups of students who may benefit from extra support through mentoring/advising on a monthly basis. If you feel that your student would benefit from ALL or ANY of these services please email the Site Manager.

Starting in November, GEAR UP will provide additional Tutors during lunch and after school in order to support our students academically. GEAR UP hires advanced/IB high school seniors to work as part time tutors with our students.

In the summer we plan to have opportunities for our students, some activities may include a STEM camp, math camp, Earn your Credit Back-math program, WSUTC GEAR UP Ambassador/Leadership camp, etc.

For more information, questions or suggestions, please contact the Site Manager and feel free to check out the pamphlet below to learn more about GEAR UP.  


Rachel Robertson

Site Manager

(509) 222-7769

Celia Vargas

Student Achievement Specialist

(509) 222-6141

Alejandra Howe-Melendez

Student Achievement Specialist

(509) 222--7122