ASB Officers and Class Officers

ASB Membership

Membership in the Associated Student Body is required for athletic participation and for membership in the band, choral performing groups, dance team, cheer, ASB/class officer positions and other ASB-sponsored clubs and activities. Your ASB card entitles you to attend home athletic contests or activities for a free or reduced cost. Cost is $35. Proof of free or reduced lunch status results in a reduction of ASB membership fees to $12. ASB cards are subject to revocation for violation of school and or district rules and policies.

Student Government

The ASB Student Senate is made up of executive cabinet officers, class officers and club presidents. The ASB House of Representatives is composed of representatives from each homeroom class. The Senate and House meet jointly or separately as needed.

2021-2022 ASB Officers- Advisor Mr. Leyde

President-Angel Machado

Vice President-Zach Glenn

Secretary- Yaneisi Chavez Garcia

Treasurer-Ivy Ward

Publicity Announcer & Publicity Manager-Boone Prock & Cruz Garcia

Multicultural Representative- Esmeralda Jimenez

2021-2022 Class Officers

Class of 2022 – Advisor Ms. Peterson

President:Madison Best

Vice President:Zoe Haws

Secretary/Treasurer:Tyler Castaneda

Junior Class of 2023 – Advisor Ms. Lefler

President: Ritalane Harmsen

Vice President: Dalilah Fuentes

Secretary/Treasurer: Makayla Uytioco

Delegate: Emma Rodriguez

Sophomore Class of 2024 – Advisor Ms. Davis

President: MaKayla Hernandez

Vice President: Lizeth Rodas Valdivia

Secretary/Treasurer: Virginier Jerotich 

Delegate: Olivia Chambers

Freshmen Class of 2025 – Advisor Ms. Long

President: Brook Boderick

Vice President: Nicholas Bunger

Secretary/Treasurer: Amelia Bake

Delegate: Sara Sanchez

Delegate: Michelle Nielson

Bradyn Leyde

ASB Advisor