Senior Picture Requirements & Yearbook Deadlines

All Senior Pictures Due on October 20th, 2017

Class of 2018 and Parents:

The Kennewick School Board adopted Policy #3205 and the administrative regulations that pertain to the senior yearbook portraits.  The purpose of the enclosed regulations is to assist you in designing poses that will be acceptable in the yearbooks at Kennewick School District high schools. 

Senior pictures are to be in digital format with a minimum print size of 600 by 900 pixels (2” by 3”) at 300 dpi.  Pictures at higher resolution are acceptable and preferred.  Digital pictures must be in JPEG or PNG format, other formats may be rejected or result in your senior picture not being placed in the yearbook. The yearbook staff reserves the right to crop pictures, if necessary, for proper layout and design considerations.  You may send your senior photos to Mr. Clemmens via e-mail ( or on a disc (be sure to request it be placed in the yearbook mailbox). If you email a picture, title it with your child’s name (last name, first name).See the KeHS yearbook advisor if you need more information.

*A list will be posted in November of all senior pictures that have been received. All seniors who submit a photo need to check this list to verify that their picture was received.


Senior Yearbook Portrait

The following guidelines will assist a senior and his/her photographer in submitting an appropriate photograph for the yearbook:

1. The portrait shall be of the graduating senior only.  Props will be allowed only upon approval from Mr. Clemmens.  Examples of inappropriate props would be hats, babies, horses, dogs, stuffed animals etc. Students who take a picture with their car need to expect that much of the car will be cropped out in the picture. Each picture needs to focus on students, not on vehicles. (Kennewick High School has a no-hat policy.  No hats will be allowed in the portrait section of the yearbook.)   Also, appropriate apparel is required. Your picture should reflect the KeHS Dress Code Policy, and pictures will be rejected if their clothing does not meet the dress policy at KeHS. No spaghetti straps or cleavage!

2. The picture does not need to be taken by a professional photographer.  A student may use a digital camera to take the picture.  The picture must be submitted electronically (e-mail or disc).

3. The portrait must be vertical 2x3 dimensions (PORTRAIT ONLY, not landscape).

4. IF a senior chooses a head and shoulder portrait, the head should not exceed 1 ¼’ from the chin to the top of the hair.

5. The senior picture must be a colored picture; no black and white photos will be accepted in the senior color section.

6. Portraits must be submitted by October 20th.  The yearbook staff will retain the right to make the final selection of the picture to be published and will notify seniors of any issues, concerns or choices.

Important Yearbook Deadlines


Senior Pictures                                                                                  October 20th, 2017

Parental Displays of Affection                                                          December 20th, 2017

 (Create an enduring tribute for your son/daughter)

Yearbook Costs:

 Aug 1 thru Sept 30 – Nov 15 thru Jan 15 – and April 15 thru June 15      $55

Parental Displays of Affection     (Senior Tributes)            

-Full page (up to 10 pictures, 100 words or less)                                  $300

-Half page (up to 5 pictures, 75 words or less)                                     $165

-1/4 page (up to 3 pictures, 50 words or less)                                       $85

-1/8 page (1 picture, 25 words or less)                                                  $65

Yearbooks can be purchased online or through the Activities Office.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail

Luke Clemmens